The first step is to choose the piece of land you wish
We then sign a contract where we include your choice of house. 
A contract is signed with the entreprenuer. We use turn-key which means there is only one entreprenuer responsible for everything. This gives both you as a customer and us a simple and secure process. 
When the contract is signed you will be given a date when your new home is finished. 


Value added tax is included in the contract. Electricity and water are included during the construction period. 

Extra choices

The standard is high from the beginning. Together with our sellers you always have the possibility of making extra choices and customize the house according to your own wishes. For example you can choose between several colours and kitchen equipments. We will guide you through the entire process. 


When you sign the first contract you pay 10% of your piece of land's value. The rest of the payment for your land is made when the registration of your property is finished. 
The cost for building permission, construction map, quality manager, final inspection and precise placement of the house are payed when you move in. 
Payment of the house is following a paymentplan according to Swedish laws and regulations. 


Two years warranty. Some construction parts have longer warranty-time. Contact us for closer information. 


We gladly help you with questions regarding banks and financing. 


At the final inspection you recieve keys to your new home. Now it's time to move in! 

Moving in

The exact date when your house is completed is determined when we write contracts.